The widow and the three daughters of a man who died as a result of asbestos exposure have filed a lawsuit against twenty three defendant companies according to a recent report. The man, Donald Jones, died in January of last year as a result as asbestos cancer.

The four women claim that Mr Jones’ lung cancer was caused by exposure to asbestos dust and fibers whilst he was working, and they claim that the defendant companies were negligent because they did not warn Jones of the dangers of asbestos exposure and did not provide him with protection against this exposure.

The lawsuit claims that prior to his death Mr Jones suffered severe physical pain as well as mental anguish, and that he incurred hefty medical costs to deal with his condition. It also claims that the four women have now lost the support and companionship of Mr Jones.

In addition to this the complaint states that as a result of his illness Jones was unable to work and earn a wage prior to his death, and seeks recompense for loss of earnings. There are also costs that his widow and daughters have incurred such as funeral and burial costs.

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