Service provider of developer environments for Web-based mobile apps, WidgetPad Inc., has unveiled WidgetPad for the iPhone. This application assists the iPhone developer product native apps via Web technology like html 5, java script, and CSS3.
These can then be disseminated as standalone apps through Apple iTunes store.The WidgetPad application is open source that enables numerous developers to use source code and also take lessons from each other by collaborating.

The application does wonders in the sense that it deletes the need to figure out platform centric API tools.This is done by making use of standards that arebeing released like html5. WidgetPad for Apple’s iPhone enables developers to make use of interactive mobile apps that are media rich. It is made available via the Web through Software as a Service (SaaS)-type model.

The apps provided by WidgetPad can take advantage of iPhone’s hardware capacity – for example, GPS, compass and accelerometer – by going to utilizing any browser, i.e. Firefox, IE, and Safari.

Here are some of the major features of the iPhone’sWidgetPad:
1. It can edit source code for javascript, CSS and html5 and is syntax highlighting-enabled.
2. It can upload a number of resources includingimage, other javascript files, CSS files, sound and project management.
3. It allows for sharing of projects: forking and code sharing.
4. Creates apps using Web services that can access APIs securely through the domain boundary.
5. You can run the app on Mac and PC browsers without using an iPhone.
6. iPhone developers may publish apps to iPhone through a free WidgetPad client or a branded app that is free or paid.

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