So the Email title is:

Maven: FINAL REMINDER – Invitation to Participate in a Paid Electronic Survey on The Future of Work (Panel Opportunity)

Sounds good, I am happy to share my thoughts on any subject for money.

The big problem was in the actual email, I laughed:

Description: We would like to assemble a Virtual Ideation Panel (VIP) to discuss the future of work – are we moving away from traditional employment? Specifically, we would like to evaluate effects of the sharing economy, workplace trends, and illuminate the factors and outcomes of our changing working environments by bringing together a panel of experts in related fields – including executives within sharing-based businesses (like Lyft or Airbnb), Talent Management and Recruiting experts, Freelance and Independent workers, and workplace consultants. Ultimately, we wish to highlight and understand best practices employed by successful American companies embracing these trends and changing conceptions of purpose of work.

Approximately 20 qualified individuals will be selected to participate in an online moderated discussion which will involve a minimum of 30 minutes of written participation per day for three (3) consecutive days starting Tuesday, May 30, 2017. Participants will have significant opportunities to contribute, converse, and display their expertise in a forum of selected participants.

*PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID opportunity. Maven is hosting this discussion for thought-leaders who wish to contribute to an intelligent discussion, connect, and interact directly with domain experts while gaining worldwide exposure on a PUBLIC ideation panel.

(Note: If you are not familiar with this topic but know someone who is, please refer them to Maven using the link provided below.)

Haha so this paid opportunity is not actually paid! There is a disconnect between the title and the truth.

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