This is the fourth article in an open-ended series on the elitist and dishonest Cleveland Plain Dealer “consumer journalist” Sheryl Harris. It will address a fourth question she refuses to answer regarding her biased stories about payday loans.

This is part of a series of questions I asked her, but which she would not answer because she “just doesn’t have the time for extended one-on-one debates, so my columns will have to speak for themselves.” It’s a cowardly response from someone who should be held accountable for her work.

The fourth question I asked Harris, and that she refused to answer is: “Are you aware that more than one study, including “Payday Holiday” from the New York Federal Reserve, has shown consumers were worse off when PDLs were banned?”

Harris’ answer is: “I did not know that. My sights are only set on getting a 28% rate cap, which you yesterday educated me about. That rate cap would drive payday lenders out of the state, just as similar rate caps have done in other states. I did not know that Donald Morgan of the NY Federal Reserve’s study showed that compared with households in states where payday lending is permitted, households in Georgia have bounced more checks, complained more to the Federal Trade Commission about lenders and debt collectors, and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection at a higher rate. North Carolina households have fared about the same. I have not done my job as a journalist”.

That’s okay, Sheryl. I’m doing it for you.

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