A USA Today story reports that a Lifetime TV poll suggested that many women agreed with Ferraro that Hillary was getting unfair coverage.

• 41% thought Democratic Sen. Barack Obama has received “more positive” news coverage because he is an African-American….

• 33% believed Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has received “more negative” news coverage because she is a woman…

Actually, I both agree and disagree on this.

Obama is a good speech giver, has charisma and he is black. All three of these things gives him a chance at good press coverage. If he were white, he’d probably either be unimportant like Ron Paul, or he’d be the next Eugene McCarthy, a nice fad to push during a dull time. But because he is black, there is also an underlying idea that voting against him or criticizing his ideas means you are prejudiced against Black Americans.

And in the rushed primary season, where only political activists vote, Obama has managed to get the left wing and black vote on his side just by being himself.

Obama is all things to all people, never mind his political stands (which few people know, because the press hasn’t covered them). He’s the fad of the day. He’s young, talks slick, and is black. He can walk on water, deliver the mail, and touch the sick and make them better instantly.

But Hillary? We’ve had eight years of Bill and know what we’ll get if she gets into office. Yup, Hillary is the dragon lady who you don’t really want to get mad.

Saint Obama can do no wrong, but Hillary gets criticized if she laughs or she cries or she is too stoic or she wears a pants suit or if she wears a dress.

But the real reason the press hates Hillary is that she is a strong woman. How dare she think she’s good enough to be a president.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket, and she writes about civil rights problems in Zimbabwe at Makaipa blog.

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