With the demise of the somewhat intellectually challenged Rev. Falwell, the wrath of the MSM has now focused on the offshoots of the radio program Focus on the Family: it’s founder James Dobson and the Family Research Council.

Unlike Falwell, I’ve listened to Dobson’s show because it included many helpful topics for my patients to bring up children. One wouldn’ t know it from the MSM, but only about ten percent of the radio programs had any link with political issues: most have to do with disciplining children, autism, hyperactivity, mealtime, coping with divorce, menopause etc…

Indeed, often their statements are taken out of context by reporters, either because they wanted to heap ridicule on the organization and didn’t care about facts or (more likely) because they didn’t bother to read what the organization said. Nuances don’t do well with reporters…
Here’s one example: their cautious approval of HPV vaccine,  was actually reported by the MSM as if they condemned the vaccine. And as a result, a lot of articles ridiculed the FOTF as a backward organization who opposed this healthy medical intervention because they were backward and anti sex….

Yet many of the worries of Christian parents about this new vaccine were the same as those of my “green” patients: Was the rush to give the vaccine to all teenaged girls (including late teens who had been sexual active for years and to girls who might be pregnant but unaware of it) a money making scheme encouraged by drug company lobbiests before the vaccine proved it had no side effects and actually did some good? Indeed, the latest rumors of Guillian Barre Syndrome will lead to more parents having the very same worries, be they Wiccans or  Unitarians…

The irony is that conservative family voters (who include Orthodox Jews, Catholics, Protestant Evangelicals, Protestant Pentecostals, and Muslims) still exist, but are no longer on the front pages except to demonize them now and then.
The real danger is that they will stay home in the next presidential election, and that a hard left President like Hillary will use a Democratic congress to pass social legislation that will continue to eat away at the rights of these voters to essentially be left alone.

So next month, the “second tier” Republicans, i.e. McCain and others running for president, will be attending the meeting of the Family Research Council Value Voter Summit.

McCain would make a great president, but lacks the fire to demonize his opponants, so one doubts will get votes in the primary.  The others on the list are almost as low in the polls as Ron Paul, so one doubts they will go far.

The big question is will Rudy Guilliani and Fred Thompson go?

I doubt it.

The dirty little secret is that being approved by these voters will end up with the mud machine blasting you as a homophobic and puritanical witch hunter.

Yet a fair reporting of the reasons behind the value voters position might give them a voice. Too bad our press is more worried about the extremes on both sides than in reporting what 40 million quiet hardworking Americans think.

It is one reason that many will stay home for the next election.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket 

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