Website builders are simply magical. For non-web designers, there’s no better definition of ‘pulling a rabbit out of a hat’. They too can experience the fulfilment that accompanies designing a website, without going through the extremely technical coding process, which is peculiar to web designers.

The argument here isn’t that hiring a web designer isn’t good. In fact, there are some aspects of design that you can only achieve by using a web designer. It all depends on the type of site you want to build, the level of intricacy involved in the design, and the level of customisation you need.

Millions of people have created their websites easily with web builders without the knowledge of coding, FTP, photoshop, domain name registration, and nameservers. You too can do the same. Here is why:


  • Website Builders Are User Friendly


The charm in web builders is the fact that users can set up their websites with a few click. On top of that, the drag and drop features give users immense control over the appearance of their sites. Editing your site’s images, colours, and fonts at any point in time is also seamless.

This eliminates, not only the need to contact your web designer whenever you want to make some changes to your website, but also the service charge that may accompany meeting that need. For instance, one website owner (Jeremy) complained about how, after using a web designer, he was held hostage to the designer’s site building expertise.

In short, using website builders is simply less stressful.


  • Website Builders Are Affordable


When you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at a web designer, a website builder is your best option. While you may need to pay a subscription fee, it’s nominal and in no way in the league of the cost of enlisting the services of a web designer.

Some people stress that website builders are not cost-effective in the long run, but then some of us don’t have thousands of dollars to dish out at once. The best way to approach this is to weigh the two options properly to discover the one that matches your budget.

Chances are that you will go for a website builder.


  • Set Up Your Website Quickly


When you need your website up and running in a day, perhaps to match your competitors’ online resources or to prevent your clients from trickling away because they can’t find your business online, the last thing you need is a web designer telling you that the earliest they can complete your website is in two weeks or a month.

With website builders and the customisable pre-designed templates they offer, you can get the website ready in a day. As Brendan Wilde, Marketing Manager at Umbrellar Cloud Hosting, said, “Anyone at any skill level can build a fully-functional website in minutes. All you need is a website builder with flexible templates that are ready-to-go or can be moulded into truly unique designs.”

You can even set up a temporary website using a website builder while your web designer takes time to develop your main website.


  • Sites Built with Website Builders Are Responsive



With the number of people accessing the internet using mobile devices surpassing that of desktop, the need for responsiveness in website designs has become paramount. You want to reach mobile users? Your website must be optimised for mobile devices.


Building a responsive website from scratch is quite costly. But then with a reliable website builder, your website becomes automatically responsive. Your site visitors get the same stellar functional and visual experience, in spite of the various devices they use. Best of all, website builders don’t charge extra for responsiveness.


  • The Difference Isn’t that Obvious



Some people avoid website builders because they dread that their site visitors can discern the difference between a website created by a designer and one designed with a website builder. The truth, however, is that the average internet user neither knows nor cares to differentiate between the two.

Only people who have the relevant technical knowledge can actually spot the difference, which is very subtle. Even so, you must understand that what website visitors seek is information and not to probe your website.


  • A Collection of Apps at Your Disposal


Website builders usually offer a collection of apps and tools, with which you can integrate functionality in your site. Some of these apps are inbuilt, some others are third-party tools like Drobox and Basecamp, and others are paid apps. Using these apps and tools, you can build any type of site you want, including ecommerce websites. In fact, unless you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend, a website builder is your best option for designing a responsive ecommerce website.


  • Acquaint Yourself with Website Building


We all never stop learning, so far as we are alive. Using a website builder can become a means of familiarising yourself with website building. While it most certainly won’t teach you coding, it will help you learn through experimenting and also help you become more efficient at managing templates and rearranging their elements to suit your needs. What’s more, you get an insightful peek into the world of web design. Who know, perhaps someday you would be helping other people set up their websites using website builders.


  • Don’t Become a Scam Victim


The internet is riddled with scammers looking for people to rip off. Some of them pose as web designers. People that fall prey to them are usually those looking for cheap designers. The solution here is simple. If you don’t have the resources to hire a reputable web designer, why not use a website builder and thus avoid getting scammed?

Given these benefits of using a website builder, no one is saying that you can’t or shouldn’t hire a website designer. The lesson here is to always get yourself informed before you make any decision pertaining to setting up your website. Study the pros and cons of using a web designer. Weigh that against the benefits and disadvantages of using a website builder. Consider your plans for your website and your available resources, and then make a decision.

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