The oil crises, Iraq and the world: Why all of us are blame worthy?

Nobody knows the reason why we are facing oil crises. Experts are digging in wrong place. Here is a humanitarian analysis.

When Bush and his bunch of greedy oil hunters planned a war against Iraq, they had one thing in mind, to provide oil at a very cheap rate to their country. When Iraq was captured countries who participated in permitting the war also wanted to have their pound of flesh.

And some of them got, but what about the rest of the world?

It is true that though we have the largest numbers of non practicing religious people in the world today yet they believe that atrocity is bad. The world remained dumb when Iraq was savaged. Old, young, men, women, children, even animals were not exempted from the killings, bombardment —–. Now we see the fruits. As Bible said “You will know them by their fruits”. The oil shortage is their fruits. Let us have a critical examination of these fruits.

Just before the war, an American could fill his car by spending just two dollar, today it is 10 dollars! The Americans who reelected their criminal President are paying the price now. The majority of the anti war demonstrators have taken their stance not due to the innocent killings of Iraqi civilians, but because they realized that their own men were being killed in large numbers than their tax payers can afford their pensions. Things may get worse. Bush has done to US what Saddam, Taliban and Bin Laden put together could not do it. There may be different opinions that did 11 Sept, but no second opinion about how Bush has demolished Towers of Economy.

The world did not respond the pleas of Iraqis. The oil for which the war took place has become most expensive in its history, followed by every consumer item connected with it. Almost every single human has tasted burns by oil.

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