Why the war on terrorism has been failing?

Let us discuss this with an imparital and open miind with malice towards none?

1) The concept of this war itself is not comprehended properly
2) The methodology adopted is itself terrorising and and a  wave of anti Muslims propoganda has caused a lot of  trouble to the peace loving Muslims.I would say mental molestation of the community .
3) It is well known by now that this is a war for oil and conquest of middle east,  both of them are  repetitions of past
4)  US with all its advance technology has failed to prevent the killing of innocent civilians and also failed to catch the people  for whose arrest the war started, this has cause suspicion over the intention of the war.
5)The targets are wrong.Cities, infrastructure, the innocent and the weaker section are becoming the targets.

  The best way to get out of this?

The best way to get out of this mess is to go back to the  scriptures,  the Palestine Israel conflict happens to be the root cause of the  differences between the West and Israel on one side and Musilms countries on the other side. This problem can be solved only by understanding the holy scriptures correctly, and not politically.Religion still commands an effective control over the minds of Muslims as well as Jews and Christians.Let us all agree to the similarities  in all religions, differences can take a back seat for now.

About the author:

        I am Nisaar Yusuf,  staying in Mumbai ,a student of comparitive religion specially Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I  share my knowledge  with audience where I am invited to speak.My audience include Muslims, Non Muslims, from all walks of life. I have addressed Phds, journalists, Doctors, MBAs, Proffesors and students and my venues include Colleges, friendly Organisations and Institutions on invitations.I have delievered  talks on subjects like:
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“Jihad and Terroriism in Islamic perspective”
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” Is Islam really an anti semetic religion ?”
“How the Bible and the Qur’an can help us to get out of the mess”
“How the Western Values have helped the spread of Islam”
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