Frank Rich and other ridiculously far-left columnists never miss an opportunity to write a hit piece on Rudy Giuliani. They love to show pictures of him in costumes that they allege shows he’s a “cross dresser.” They love to mention how many wives he’s had and the funniest of all the charges is that he was a terrible Mayor for the city of New York.

That last charge is probably one of the most foolish claims ever uttered in an election campaign. People who live in New York and are not blinded by far-left ideology know damn well that Rudy may be many things, but a bad Mayor he was not.

Anyone who has either lived in or at least visited New York before Rudy was Mayor, while he was Mayor, and after he was Mayor know the truth. New York City was a dirty, dangerous, and crime ridden, stink hole before Rudy was Mayor. Central Park was not a place for anyone except crack heads, and the only thing the subway was good for was a good old fashioned mugging.

Columnists like Frank Rich and Paul Krugman love to mock Rudy when he rattles off his accomplishments as Mayor of New York. Rich and Krugman are without a doubt two of the most dishonest columnists in the country anyway, but what makes their distortions of Giuliani especially egregious, is that they’re New Yorkers. They know full well the sad shape the city was in before Rudy and they know what an amazing place it is now. They try and credit anyone or anything for the 56% drop in crime, or the 66% reduction in homicides, except Rudy Giuliani.

The reason Rich, Krugman, and other far-left ideologues love to attack Rudy is because he is their worst nightmare as a Republican candidate. Unlike George W. Bush, Rudy is someone who appeals to a wide range of political persuasions.

Social conservatives can get behind him, because Pat Robertson is supporting him. Moderate Democrats who at one time were just called Democrats can support Rudy, because of his liberal views on abortion, gay marriage, and other social issues. Democrats who believe this country should have a strong National Security are gonna support Rudy as well.

In effect Rudy represents the best qualities of the old Democratic party (the Lieberman, JFK wing) and the best qualities of the Republican Party.

That is why the far-left is feverishly trying to create any controversy possible that might cast doubt in voters minds about his candidacy.

Frank Rich’s column today is about the Bernard Kerik Idictment, and the recently filed lawsuit by disgraced publishing diva Judith Regan. Regan makes the charge that officials at Newscorp (which owns Fox News) encouraged her to lie to the Feds about her relationship with Bernard Kerik, because it could possibly damage the Giuliani campaign.

What that has to do with her being fired after bringing a ton of heat down on Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp after the O.J. Simpson book debacle, is anyone’s guess. I think she may have just been spending too much time with Dan Rather, but lets hope his insanity hasn’t spread any further.

There has been nothing but vociferous condemnation of Rudy Giuliani from the left, even when it was only a whisper that he was thinking about running for President. I expect this will continue, because after all this is politics. I just think it’s important to separate fact from fiction about all the candidates, and the attacks on Rudy’s record as Mayor of New York are quite simply nonsense.

-Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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