The problem with the rise in school shootings, isn’t necessarily the students that are committing the acts.  Instead, the source of the problem resides within the schools themselves, the officials that run them, and the parents of the children.  Often times the baffled people comment upon a situation such as Monday’s school shooting in Missouri, stating, “We don’t think…,” or “We can’t believe…,” or “We can’t imagine.”

PEOPLE…THINK, BELIEVE, IMAGINE!  I can’t say this is the sole problem or cause of violence among our youth, but I can’t say it isn’t either.  Humor me for a second here, and imagine this situation, which probably isn’t far fetched to the daily conversations that occur in our schools.

Student #1: Pointing to a particular student, “Would you believe that boy has been ridiculed and tormented since the 3rd grade?”

Student #2: “God, I can’t imagine all the things that poor kid has been through.  Can you imagine if he knew how to stand up for himself?”

Student #3: “He just might know how, but it probably won’t be with his fists.”

Student #2: “You don’t think he’d use his daddy’s gun and raid the school like one of those other maniacs, punishing anyone that’s ever been mean to him, do you?”

Student #1, #2, #3, in unison: They shake their heads, “No that’s too crazy and unbelievable.”

Enter the ridiculed student with…a gun!:  “Good morning assholes!  Prepare to reap my wrath.” 

Shots are fired.

People, WAKE UP!  School officials pull your heads out of your behinds!  These aren’t, for the most part, random acts of violence.  Instead you’re responsible for creating these students you refer to as “monsters.”  You’ve molded them into whom they are today.  You’ve witnessed first hand the ridicule, the teasing, and the beatings these students have endured.  Have you ever intervened?  Did you attempt to make life any easier for that child?  No!  You’ve ignored it, with statements or beliefs such as, “Aah, that’s just a part of growing up.  Kids being kids, y’know.”  Most of these kids lashing out have been building reasons for doing so for years on end.  If people stepped in and showed some compassion, or if schools punished those they witness terrorize students in any shape or fashion, if parents re-inforced the self-esteem of their children in a positive fashion, school shootings would drastically decrease. 

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