Am I the only one who wonders this: how on earth did so many male congressional pages turn out to have gay or bi leanings?

Supposedly, only ten percent of the population is gay. But, judging by the reports about Foley’s emails and IMs, Foley managed to get positive reponses much of the time to his pedophile fishing. Statistically, Foley should have been striking out 90 percent of the time. Even if Foley had extremely good “gay-dar,” and he probably did, (anybody who gets to that high of a position is very bright and intuitive) the reports still read like Foley was already fishing in a well-stocked pool of pages who were receptive to his ad advances.

So what’s up with the congressional page program? Is it kind of like being a male cheerleader? Are the male pages already sort of, well…IS IT KIND OF LIKE BEING A MALE CHEERLEADER?

Also, did anybody else make the connection between Foley’s actions and Foley’s story about how he got into politics? Supposedly, when Foley was a small child, a congressman paid him five dollars to pass out flyers. Foley was awed by the attention. When I read this, I thought, A.) was there already a black vacuum in Foley’s soul, craving male attention? B.) Did he polish up this anecdote and keep passing it off to give himself an excuse for, well, paying all that attention to pages?  



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