“I want more Muslim journalists” said Philips Bennet, Washington Post’s Managing director during his visit to University of  California on 4 March 2008. The reason he gave was ” The media has too many misconception about Islam”.

So whose duty is it now? When  the western Media is offering space to Muslims , why  should we not grab it up. Instead of focusing in IT and oil, it is time for us to  march into media and remove hatred against Islam.

Even in the business gurus teach that ” many products, despite their excellence , fail to be sold. Many professions are assets, yet they are undervalued,   just because the masters fail to speak up or reach the masses.”

Islam is already an excellent product but those who posses it are not willing to share it with others.

There are hundreds ways Muslims can write about and promote Islamic values. The best way would be to write argumentative articles to build up an opinion in favor of Islam. Be assure that the world is not against Islam. That gentleman in US or UK is a victim of  false propaganda so he thinks that Islam is terrifying. The argumentative articles should also have three distinct appeal, emotional appeal, ethical appeal and logical appeal.These three things strengthens an argument that supports truth.

What is required to be a good writer?  India’s famous editor, writer and journalist Khushwant Singh says”If you want to write a book just write at least 400 words everyday and in  a few months your book is ready”

Look into google and find our how harmful is alcoholism. Search statistics,add comments and insert heart burning stories of families and individuals who are victim of alcoholism. How about congratulating India for turning its population into a boon and let the readers know why Islam is against abortion. You can also add a painful comment on the plight of old people of China, whose old people are increasing than younger ones due to population control drive.

There are so many issues happening around us that requires an Islamic perspective to solve them. find them out. How a whole of a generation of children is getting  aggressive and how  the media is   responsible for it. Or raise up an issue of teenage pregnancy in your country and tell your readers how our daughters are  being exploited and made to believe that sleeping with guys is fun.

So readers go ahead. First make a list of such issues that you strongly feel about and think that Islam has a solution for it.  Have your own blogs, write letters to editors. encourage youngsters to take up journalism. This is the age of information. so let us pass  up the most important information that we have been hiding it due to fear of being labeled as fanatics or orthodox. Just write Inshallah Allah will help you.

 About the Author: Nisaar Yusuf is a trainer in communications  skills for past 10 years. He is based in Mumbai .He also has an experience of  some years as a field reporter and investigative journalist. He is also a public speaker on Islam, social and family issues. He has delivered  hundreds of talks on these subjects and has been invited by many institutions Organisations colleges and schools to talk. He can be contacted at:


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