Today it became official. The pro-immigration crowd has officially lost its mind. However, the worst part is that this completely ridiculous and counterproductive idea will most likely be implemented. What am I talking about? It’s in the Mexican government’s plan to issue GPS locators to “migrants” in the event that they become lost or disabled in their efforts to illegally cross the border between Mexico and the United States.

This is not my poor attempt at satire. This is the absolute truth. According to proponents, the GPS locators would be used to contact US border patrol agents and therefore could save hundreds of lives. The plan, according to these same people, would not in any way encourage illegal immigration into the United States.

I urge everyone reading this to follow this story and protest to your elected representatives. Although I certainly sympathize with most of those trying to get into this country in order to better themselves and their families’ lives, the last thing we should be doing is implementing or facilitating is anything that makes it easier to enter this country illegally.

[This article can also be seen at Release the Hounds!]

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