This was the headline today in one of our nations run of the mill liberal media outlets.

I like to think of myself as a thinker. I am not educated in the higher institutions, but neither was Abraham Lincoln. I here one thing, hummm, I hear another and it does not take me long to detect a pattern. Americans need to wake up. Stop living your lives from one 90 second sound bite to another. One must seek the truth, if the truth does not present itself you must dig deeper. If you really want to you will find it. And the truth will set you free.

The one difference between the two countries aside from the obvious ones is the countries that border them. You could not even be concidered close to accurate. This is utter nonsense, Liberal Media nonsense. Before you can have peace you must first have victory, that’s right I said it V I C T O R Y and in order to have it you must win it. People must want it. People must die for it! People must kill for it. Iraq must fight for it. Those who want it must be of the same mind, the same goals, and the same wants. But that whole concept has escaped most Muslims in Iraq because of Vendetta. It happened when the Soviet Union left the Balkan states and it is happening in there now. Iraq can be won. Oh yes it can!

Now between the Sunnis and the Shiites it is a hatred that was kept at bay by the guns of the ruling party and the killing of millions by Sadaam. Now no Sadaam and no ruling party, the floodgates are open. Muslims claim to want peace, but in point of fact the entire history of Muslims, there is no historical account of actual peace, living side-by-side acceptance of each other and their differences peace. This is the kind of peace that Americans have, the kind of peace that the whole world needs! Look at us and how long it took us to get where we are, are we perfect no! so why give up on Iraq and so soon? We fought to make the world safer in Germany, WE ARE STILL THERE! And we fought Japan, WE ARE STILL THERE ! Korea, STILL THERE TOO!! Why do liberals want us to leave???


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