I was bored today, there was nothing interesting on the $180 a month Cable TV a 1000 channels, but nothing to watch. On the free pluto.tv I stumbled upon two cracking documentaries, A Patent Scam and A Dangerous Game. Two very different subjects, or are they?

A Patent Scam is an interesting look at at interesting occupation, one that I had had never heard about before ‘Patent Trolls’. These are lawyers that represent shell companies that own ‘shady’ and overly broad patents. IMDB says:

This is a great documentary, I recommend it.

“The Patent Scam” highlights the many challenges frivolous patent litigation poses for business owners and entrepreneurs, juxtaposing their stories of struggle against interviews with lawyers and patent trolls who are benefiting from these loopholes in our patent system. Non-practicing entities (NPEs) purchase vague, low quality patents – many of which should never have been granted in the first place – to claim ownership of commonly-used ideas or business methods such as searching for something using a computer. Non Practicing Entities (NPE), also known as “patent trolls,” use these patents to threaten litigation against businesses, particularly small and medium sized businesses they know will not have the funding to endure a lengthy legal battle. Ultimately, the film asks Congress to act to protect America’s entrepreneurs from this drain on innovation. Written by Austin Meyer

Right after that I watched the 2014 documentary A Dangerous Game. A film about the extreme lengths golf resort developers go to to create exclusive golf courses against the wishes of local people. Yes Trump is center stage. He is portrayed as an overbearing, egotistical tyrant, much the same as he is in the whitehouse. IMDB says:

This sequel to You’ve Been Trumped (2011) investigates how land developers like Donald Trump use golf as an excuse to build huge luxurious resorts at the expense of the locals and their ecosystem, and abuse natural resources.

While The Patent Scam must be ordered from Amazon, Trump is so disliked that A Dangerous Game is free on YouTube

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