Well the world is full of them, so in my opinion I’d rather like them than dislike them. Sure there are some people that I don’t like, I am not mad keen on Kim Jong Un, possibly it is his hair style that bothers me, but deep down I feel that even with a new ‘Hair Do’ I wouldn’t invite him over for beers and BBQ.

For the most part however I like people (politicians excluded).

I have travelled the internet for over 20 years and have met and made friends with many outstanding people. Most I have never met in real life, but great friends they are.

What impresses me are often the little things people do. Almost a decade ago I was asked by a PR company to review and interview a musician by the name of Arnie. My area of expertise is Prog Rock, Moog Synthesizers, Hammond Organs and all of the other stuff that Prog is known for. Arnie wouldn’t know what a Modular Moog was if it fell on him! Likewise my knowledge of Americana was as great as my knowledge of car repair.

I loved the music and loved the conversation. I discovered that Arnie actually used the stage name Tokyo Rosenthal. His friends and even his mother call him ‘Toke’.

6 CD’s and a book later, Toke is a star in the Americana music world.

OK, let me tell you a quick story, the point of this article. My brother-in-law just bought a pick-up truck for work. It lacks a few amenities, no self driving, no GPS (but it has a spot where you can store maps), and no AC. But, it does have a CD player.

I have no shortage of CD’s but they are in storage, along with my sharp knives and pretty much everything else own. One CD ‘Afterlife’ somehow managed to avoid the great purge of 2015! Most of it is available online so I have given little thought to the subject.

Jan (Attila the wife) found AfterLife and said to Jeff, “Its one of Simon’s. so you probably won’t like it”. Jeff does like it. He likes it a great deal.

I shared the story with Toke on Facebook and his reply was ‘does Jeff need his own copy’?

Tokyo Rosenthal is a class act, I have never met him in person, but I have the utmost respect for him and other ‘stars’ that stoop down and talk to regular Joes. Toke is welcome at my dinner table any day he turns up on my doorstep.

Visit his web site and best of all, try out his music. Who knows, you might even like it.

And a quick vid

Simon Barrett

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