Why do I hate politics and politicians?

Oh, the number of ways is immeasurable. We have put up with a year of stupidity. Neither camp has made any positive contribution, just snapping at the others heels like a Chihuahua on Viagra. The entire result of this negative campaigning is that no-one cares any more. The average voter is so ticked off that they are either not going to bother to cast their vote at all, or vote for ‘the nice guy that runs the local bar’ as a write in candidate.

Of course the internet is not helping matters. Everyone and their Sarah Palin stand in’s has a piece of the action. On the bright side, we only have to put up with the Obamamercials and the McCainocy for a scant three more days. Hopefully one of them will garner enough votes that we can all return to our normal lives. No doubt we will have to listen to fiction about how the first hundred days of their presidency is going to be earth shattering. Gas prices are going to return to 99 cents a gallon, and mortgages will be $50 a month!

No one believes this stuff, they are all hoods!

It is rarely that I dip into the political cesspool, I prefer to write about worlds that matter, and worlds that actually are real, rather than the esthetics’s of the ephemeral world of politics. So what prompted my urge to put fingers to keyboard?

I receive more email everyday than the average Joe (Plumber or otherwise). Most are press releases, a few are offers to make a quick $5 million dollars from a bank in Nigeria, several want to sell me products that will enhance my sex life, and even a few are emails from real people (I look forward to those, and I do read them)!

The Election has brought out the worst in people. These days my inbox has more begging letters from political organizations than Nigerian money scams. Mind you, I think they both have the same credibility. A great example is the following email that I received from some group that seem to think that I give a damn. Town Hall Spotlight is the name. And Republic is their game.

In part, this piece of idiocy read:

We must raise an additional $5 million in the next 72 hours to help fund our final get-out-the-vote efforts.

Our team needs you to make one more donation of any amount you can afford as we head into this weekend.

Thanks to your generosity, our candidates are closing in the polls, but in these final days turning out voters to the polls and convincing undecided voters is the name of the game.

Please follow this link to make an immediate donation of any amount – whether it’s $25 or $250 – every dollar will help fund our final get-out-the-vote efforts.

If the Democrats have total control of Washington, they will waste no time in passing a tax increase, immediately pulling out of Iraq and reducing funding for our men and women in uniform.

While our nation faces unprecedented economic challenges, the Obama-Biden Democrats’ solution is to “spread the wealth around.”

But our entire team of reformers has a plan to spread opportunity to all Americans through tax relief and job creation.

And if our ticket is elected next Tuesday, we’ll get right to work and reform Washington to get our nation back on the right track.

But, this won’t happen if we aren’t elected. With just days to go, we need your financial support now more than ever. Please consider making a donation to McCain-Palin Victory 2008 today. Thank you.


Governor Sarah Palin

All links redacted from the article, I refuse to condone this kind of activity!

Why the hell do you need $5 million for the next 3 days? To pay for the pity party on the 4th? Or to pay the consultants, Public relations folks, tame press contacts, attack ad’s, etc. What happened to the concept that anyone could become president? These days without a huge bankroll you don’t stand a chance.

Simon Barrett – Who likes parties, just not political ones.

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