I grew up in a liberal Republican home. I was taught to respect persons for what they were, that racism was an evil as was anti-Semitism. And there were some fine Republicans in office back in those days. Eisenhower was a decent man. He opposed our getting involved in the Viet Nam conflict and condemned the military-industrial complex that was raiding our country as his last public pronouncement in office. Rockefeller, too, did some good things. He built up our public universities in NY. He was dead wrong on the solution to drug abuse — his draconian drug laws set an horrendous pattern for the nation and as we now are beginning to recognize sentenced far too many innocent people to jail for the bulk of their lives.

What I have seen developing since on the part of the Republicans have been the grossest and most brutal types of hypocrisy. They have appropriated the racism of the Dixiecrats to take over the South. They have made their big plays to the equally crooked right wing religious con artists to build one of the ugliest bases for a party imaginable — with which they are now stuck — anti life saving medical research, anti-abortion, and even denial of evolution? This last is most dangerous, as those who evolve in positive directions have also been known to destroy themselves as species when they have failed to adjust to changing conditions — which we may now be engaged in doing.

Item by item I find the lying and hypocrisy of the Republicans to be appalling. They are playing to the most corrupt of our major corporations — finance, oil, the drug industry, etc. Poverty is something that they either pretend does not exist or is the fault of those suffering — some version of Christianity, that.

Enough said for this blast. I hope birthright Republicans will rethink where they belong politically as I was once obliged to do.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

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