People who feel compassion for our enemies are terribly misguided. The idea that we have to treat captured terrorists with kid gloves is ridiculous.

If someone we capture has information we need, the only thing that should matter is that we get that information no matter what it takes. These Islamic radicals that we capture are the most ruthless and savage individuals on the planet and don’t deserve even an ounce of sympathy.

Anyone who doubts the blood thirsty nature of these people need only to search the Internet to find a treasure trove of Jihad murder videos with fresh ones being added all the time. Torture and murder are a way of life to hardcore radical Muslims and my only concern is stopping future attacks.

It is beyond comprehension that any American could waist a second of his or her day worrying about whether or not a terrorist is being subjected to extreme temperatures or water boarding.

The argument that is always used against harsh interrogations is that we don’t want our personnel to be treated harshly if they are captured. That rationale would actually be funny if this weren’t such a serious issue, because anyone who is captured by Al-Qaeda is a dead man. The terrorists don’t water board the people they capture, they decapitate them instead.

One of the reasons the Bush Administration has so many secret programs like the secret prisons around the world and the “extraordinary rendition” program, is because they understand that the American people are sheep and don’t have the guts to do what is necessary to win the war on terror.

These thugs are not citizens and are not uniformed soldiers fighting on behalf of a county and that means they are not entitled to the Geneva Conventions and have no rights whatsoever. In my view they are simply garbage and after they have outlived their usefulness they should be discarded as such.

Written By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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