Has Paris Hilton affected your life in any way? Has Paris Hilton caused physical or emotional harm to you? Could it be that she is at fault for global warming or possibly the war in Iraq? Surely she’s responsible for Katie Couric’s low ratings or the VA Tech massacre. She would have to be at fault for one of these things or at least something to warrant the kind of hatred aimed at her in recent weeks.

Every single television program from the early morning to late night has called her a “horrible person” and expressed the hope that in addition to serving a full jail sentence that she also be harmed by other inmates. The question I have is why is the hatred for Paris so personal? I think its safe to say her DUI should from now on be referred to as “The DUI heard round the world.”

If Paris is hated this much, why not Lindsay Lohan? Britney Spears? Let’s take a look at what Paris Hilton is actually “guilty” of in the first place. A few years ago a sex tape was released by her ex-boyfriend Rick Soloman without her permission which earned him $5,000,000 and Paris $0. However, the tape did catapult Paris to world wide fame which has allowed her to make “Paris Hilton” a brand name. To me, that is taking what was a humiliating situation and making something good come of it. Rick tried to ruin her life and make millions in the process, but in reality Paris got the last laugh.

Before Paris was famous she earned a living as a model, contrary to the popular belief that all her money is from her parents. Since the sex tape incident several years ago Paris has made millions of dollars all on her own. She has a fragrance line, jewelry line, reality show, and had a role in the horror film House of Wax as well. She is also regularly paid anywhere from $250,000 to $1,000,000 to make appearances all over the world at nightclubs and hotels. If someone offered you $1,000,000 to make an appearance at a club wouldn’t you do it? In 2006 Paris Hilton earned an estimated $325 million dollars which is more than Jennifer Lopez, and scores of other high power celebs. She earned every penny of that money and her parents had nothing to do with it.

So why then does the media continue to portray her as the closest thing to the devil that we have on earth? I continue to see those in the media positively giddy at the prospect of seeing Paris in jail. Paris Hilton is one of the most successful women on the planet and she’s only 26. There is no question that she should be punished just like anyone else for breaking the law, but in this instance she was given a sentence much harsher then a normal person would have received. For some reason people start to salivate at the idea of “bringing down” Paris Hilton, and I personally think it all boils down to jealousy and envy. The judge who sentenced her received a standing ovation from his church congregation when he attended services just a couple of days after the sentencing.
No matter what line of work your in, when you become successful there are always people that want to bring you down. Normally this is only done by a select group of “haters” who’s sole purpose in life is to hate on you and your success, but I have never seen 99% of the general public and 99% of the media all pile on quite like this. It took O.J. Simpson 10 years to get the kind of hate Paris is receiving and he almost decapitated the mother of his kids and her friend.

The way she has been able to make herself into a one woman enterprise is something to be admired and I think anyone could do a whole lot worse than to end up with a daughter like Paris Hilton.

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