Back in 1968 in one of his independent presidential candidacies, Alabama governor George Wallace famously said that there’s “not a dime’s worth of difference” between the Republican and Democrat Parties.  For the many who doubted him then, the past five years have proven him right. And that’s why I’m sitting out this election even though I twice voted for Bush.
   (Republican) Bush now has had five years with a (Republican) House and a (Republican) Senate.  Yet what has changed from when he took office, especially on the social issues that got him elected?  Have any of the things that Bill and Hillary Clinton left him with been rescinded? 
Bush took office five years ago with these congressmen in office at least that long and with all of them inheriting Hillary Clinton’s legacy of third-trimester abortions for 12-year-olds without even having to tell Mom, gun control, reverse discrimination, and borders so porous they were just lines on the map to the point that for the first time states a thousand miles from Mexico were getting lots of illegal aliens. And NONE of that has changed in those five years (Republican) Bush and a (Republican) House and a (Republican) Senate have had.
Sorry, I’m just not going to waste time standing in line to again do such a meaningless vote.

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