Now that both FoxNews has shown the film “Obsession” about radical Islam, and CNN has had a special on the same subject (Transcript HERE ) there is the possibility that people will become aware of the rabid anti American propaganda in some of the (often state owned) media in many Arab countries that the US considers as allies.

Why do they hate us?

Maybe because these people have been fed on a diet of hatred of the West, of the US and of Israel for twenty years, but the only view they have of the US is, alas, Hollywood.
At the same time, no one seems to have problems when Saudi princes give millions to Georgetown, whose web page openly states as part of their aim is addressing “American foreign policy in the Muslim world.” (read: Stop supporting Israel).And no one blinks when they give the University of Arkansas a couple million dollars when Clinton was president to start an Islamic center there. (Right. Arkansas is a famous intellectual center, don’t ya know?)
The Saudi money is well spent. We see articles like THIS one in the UKGuardian which explains “why” they hate “us”, written conveniently by the head of the Georgetown center.

What do “we” need to do, according to this Georgetown professor?

The US needs to “break out of a cycle of ignorance and Islamophobia”. We need to “respect” Islam, we need to “help with economic development and jobs” and we need to “stop interfering with their affairs”.

However, a closer look at the complaints show that it does not quite jibe with reality.

We are told we have to stop our “islamophobia”. Well, the average American does not “fear” Islam…indeed, before 9-11, we rarely thought about it. We figured live and let live. But now, with the increasing reports of terror and with people slowly realizing that these countries preach hatred, you are seeing a grass roots idea that something is very wrong with these countries.

So we “need to respect Islam”? Well, you know, respect has to be earned. Most Americans see any religion as fine, since all religions teach right and wrong and respect of your neighbor. Why should Islam be different? Oh, you wear a veil. So do Catholic nuns and Huttites. Amish women wear hats. Hasaidic women wear wigs. You do it because you love God? Wonderful. So do I. Or do you do it because your husband is insanely jealous and would beat you if you didn’t ….there lies the problem. We don’t respect men who push their women around, be they Baptist or Muslim.

The same goes for dietary preferences and fasting. We used to serve our Muslim doctors kosher meals, the same as our Jewish patients. Some people are vegetarian. Big deal. You woship on Friday? Seventh day Adventists and Jews worship on Saturday. Could you work Sunday for me, and I’ll work Friday for you. No big deal.

One thing about America is that we DO tend to take religion seriously and try to accomadate it, and respect those who follow the rules, even though we might want to “convert” each other, we are expected to do it politely.

You see, respect is a two way street.

The problem is that respect in this is NOT two way.
When we read what the state owned press in Arab countries says about the US and Jews, or what the actual textbooks in these countries teach their children about Christians and Jews, or what the Immans of the Saudi funded Madrassas in these coutries in Europe or the US or Australia actually say, then we wonder why we should respect such people who obviously hate us.
For example, why do we allow Saudis to give millions to universities to promote understanding of Islam, while a million Pinoys in Saudi have no church? Hello…

Sorry, but this is personal. My cousin worked in Saudi as a nurse, and they found her rosary, and forced her to throw it away.
And this brings us to the second complaint: we need to “help them with economic development and jobs”.

Well, can anyone tell me why there are a couple million Indians, Pakistanis, Indos and Pinoys in the Middle East, yet these bozos can’t find jobs?

You mean Pinoys and Indians and other poor people can manage to send their kids to school and learn trades but you can’t manage to do it? Your women would never bother to work 6000 miles from home to pay school fees for siblings so they can become nurses or teachers like our farmer’s kids?

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s not religion, since many of these exploited immigrant workers are Muslim.

So, sorry, but your complaint doesn’t make sense.
Finally, they want us “not to interfere with their countries”.

Ummm….I am old enough to remember the oil embargo of the 1970’s, in revenge for helping Israel. No, this wasn’t “interfering” with the world’s economy. Oh I know, manipulating the price of oil doesn’t count…

Finally, if you go to the “poll” you see something missing: The country with the second largest Muslim population…a place named India.Hint: The US is actually popular there… Unlike the countries cited, it’s a true Sdemocracy. One hopes that a free press and sixty years of democracy will prevent their lies from taking hold despite Saudi funding of radical mosques that recruit local men for terror and to infiltrate Indian society.
so just maybe what what is needed  to stop these countries from “hating” the US is a free press. One that does not indoctrinate their people with lies and hatred of the other so that their own faults and problems can be ignored.

When AlJazeerah is considered the most trusted Arab news source, because it is not run by the local governments, you know you are in trouble.
And, as someone who lives overseas, the bad news is that the VOA, the BBC and CNNInternational are not much better at promoting the American point of view overseas.

Calling Bill O’Reilly…Calling Bill O’Reilly…

–Nancy Reyes is a retired physician who lives in the rural Philippines with her husband, eight dogs, three cats and a large extended family. Her website is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket Blog

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