The recent Fatwa declaring working in films to be Haram (prohibited) should be taken as a renaissance of goodness in society rather than backwardness. Would any body like his daughter or his sister to be seduced in front of a whole of audience as entertainment? Would anybody like his son to imitate violence, crime and other evil?

Everybody knows that movies are the main source of society getting corrupted. But yet we enjoy without objecting. This is backwardness, turning a blind eye to evil and taking it as good.

Muslims are not the only one who are raising hue and cry over the issue but also the West too is shouting. There are hundreds of books and websites on harmful effects of TV programs and how disastrous it has become for the humanity.

Doesn’t the Bible quote Jesus in Gospel of Matthew, Chp.5, verses.27&28 “That whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.”

And what about the Hindu scriprtures that command ……………

Men who commit adultery with the wives of others, the king shall cause to be marked by punishments, which cause terror, and afterwards banish. (Manu smriti Ch 8 verse 352)

He who address the wife of another man at a Tirth, outside the village, in a forest suffers the punishment for adultery

(Manu smirti ch 8 verse 356)

Offering presents to a woman, romping with her, touching her ornaments and dress, sitting with her on the bed is considered adultery.(Manu Smriti ch 8 verse 357)

If a man touches a woman in a place not to be touched or allows oneself to be touched with mutual consent are declared to be adulterous.

A woman who pollutes a damsel shall instantly have her head shaved off or two fingers cut off, and are made to ride through the town on a donkey (Manu Smirti ch 8 verse 370)

Those who advocate that movies are ok, let them open their windows of their bedrooms and perform what they see on screen in full view of their neighbors, or at least in front of their children.

Moral policing is a moral duty of every citizen. Islam is courageous enough to declare it Haram, thus it is far ahead in the race of modesty and genuinely concerned for the well being of the society.

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