This is a story that I have had bits and pieces of for months. What really happened on September/11/2012? The initial reports claimed that a group of protesters had become unruly and had stormed the US Mission/Embassy in Benghazi. Libya is hardly a place on anyone’s vacation list so most of the public took the US governments official line. It was just a bunch of rowdy and disgruntled locals pissed off about life in general and YouTube in particular over an anti muslim video.

It took more than 24 hours from the time of the attack (9pm local) until the administration fessed up that among the four US citizens dead was Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens.

It took two weeks before the same administration changed their tone on who perpetrated the attack and what caused it.

Here is the odd thing, the US knew that Chris Stevens was dead about 10 hours after the attack, they also knew that it was not a spontaneous demonstration over a video that sparked the problem.

Within 24 hours they had the information and photos to show who the bad guys were, and who they worked for. Yet the US continued the charade for two weeks. Bit by bit version of the truth started to emerge. A well sanitized version, but at least something to keep the press dogs at bay. Of course the official version was still BS ( ‘o’Bama Stuff). Obamaghazi had been put to bed. Hillary Clinton had dodged the bullet? Well not quite!

Obamaghazi has just reared its ugly head again. CBS had this to say on 60 Minutes:
While this segment is damning, it does not touch the whole story.

How could a US Mission in an obviously hostile environment be so vulnerable?  Sgt Morgan Jones, the man tasked with training the local security team and veteran war correspondent  Damien Lewis tell all in The Embassy House.

One thing is clear, Hillary Clinton either didn’t know or is incompetent! I suspect that as the next few days unfold, the brown stuff is going to hit the fan.

Simon Barrett

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