Why America is made to worry about Obama’s Islam connection?

It was a pity to note US Presidential candidate Obama struggling to discard his Islamic connections before a team of Jewish leaders.

Is Islam an untouchable word in the US? Can’t a candidate with a Muslim connection be ever a good administrator of a broad-minded secular state of America?

Or is there any lobby that is disturbed by a black man in White House? Hence raising an issue, which is not black but sensitive enough to defeat Obama.

One wonders why nobody questions Al Gore’s Jewish connections nor Kissinger’s Israelite background. It’s amazing that American elections have Palestinian connection.

Infact every American should vote for Obama because

1. His Islamic connection can bridge the gap between West and Muslims (Unless somebody does not want the bridge)

2. It will be a fulfillment of a dream by Abraham Lincoln who fought for the rights of the blacks.

3. It will be an official end of slavery in the US.

4. It will give the message to the Zionist that America will be ruled by the Americans and not by the Zionist.

Author can be contacted at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com  

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