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Terror attack foiled at Fort Dix

The Cooper River in Camden County, NJ, empties into the Delaware River at a point that is directly opposite center city Philadelphia.  If you were to follow the river upstream, within a couple of miles, you’d travel through the city of Camden, wind around a waterfront driving range as you enter Pennsauken, paddle along a collegiate rowing course that holds national regattas, ease your way out of the course as you pass through the Philly suburb of Cherry Hill, and then meander through tree lined parks where the river narrows approaching the colonial style town of Haddonfield.

We know the area well.  We live on the river.  In a cluster of apartments and riverfront townhomes that we pass by every day, a plot to kill American soldiers was taking shape.  The plan to stage an attack on Fort Dix was put on hold yesterday, when the FBI arrested six conspirators.  Four of them lived in Cherry Hill.  The arrests marked the end of a 16 month investigation.  The FBI had been onto these guys that long.  They actually had an informant infiltrate the group, and work with them for over a year.  Four months after that, a second informant was in place, and participated in training missions held in the Pocono Mountains.

Of the six arrested, four hailed from Albania, one came from Turkey, and another from Jordan.  All were muslims, all had sworn to partake in a holy jihad, all professed to carry out their plan in the name of Allah.  It’s ironic that the Albanians would target Fort Dix.  Eight years ago, almost to the day, Albanian refugees began arriving at Fort Dix, escaping the ethnic cleansing that swept over Kosovo.  Over 4000 muslims were brought to the base in the Jersey Pines, and all were given sanctuary here, while American GI’s were dispatched to Eastern Europe to fight those who were intent on wiping them out.

You just never know who your neighbors are.

Full Story: Courier Post

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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