“Who’s On First?”

By David Schussler


“Who’s on first?” “I dunno”, “No!, I Dunno’s on second”. Remember seeing or hearing this old Abbot and Costello baseball routine? It’s been played for many years. If you haven’t seen or heard it, I recommend it. (Http://wwwphoenix5.org/humor/WhoOnFirstTEXT.html)

The current political battles for congressional seats and other local positions reminds me of this same kind of verbal fancy footwork, sidestepping, and confusion. We are being constantly inundated with information and misinformation regarding today’s candidates for election. We can often watch the candidates in live debates and come away with no better knowledge of the true facts than before the debate. Every news media outlet or reporter puts their own spin on reported facts and commentary regarding the past records and current views of candidates depending on their personal knowledge and views. There is so much skewing of facts and erroneous reporting out there that it takes a political scholar, of sorts, to separate the facts from fiction.

With our busy schedules and often lack of desire to pursue the truth, we are stuck with some basics. Depend on the local newspaper, watch the evening news, check out the Internet news blogs, or listen to talk radio. Often politics are preached from the pulpit, spouted by tunnel visioned parents, teachers, and life coaches. Frequently, these days, our favorite singers and movie stars get on the soapbox and try to influence us as well.

Technology and blatantly streaming news have created a montage of blah blah that has served to do nothing more, or less, than confuse us. It seems that unless there is an important issue that separates the candidates clearly, the loudest and best financed and produced candidates get elected. We are not a nation of sheep and lemmings but are each endowed with the ability to think for ourselves, not to blindly follow some familial precept of what we should do based on what has been traditionally done.

Don’t get swept up in “Who’s on first”. Take the time to think freely. Choose a candidate whose views are the most like yours, one who has the same core values, and who has, and will promote and vote on the issues that you believe in. Don’t choose a candidate based solely on charisma, good looks or what your friend told you to do. You don’t have to know everything about a candidate, just a few important facts that you know will affect you and your family’s liberty, health, and prosperity. It’s best to know who’s on first and to make sure they are the best person for the job.


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