News Item:
The bikini shot seen ’round the world.

Which story has over 500 links to it on Google News today?

a) Nuclear weapons in Iran
b) The war in Iraq
c) Chavez loses lifetime bid for presidency in Venezuela
d) The drooping derriere of Jennifer Love Hewitt

We don’t even have to tell you, do we…

You’ve seen the picture, no doubt.  It’s online, it’s in newspapers, in magazines, and on tv.  Ms Hewitt emerging from the surf, photographed from behind, with her bottom looking less than plastic-surgery perfect.  The horror… the shame of it all…  good grief…

If we have to have paparazzi photos thrown at us on a daily basis [and you know that will never stop], better something like this than a skin and bones Paris Hilton, or a skeletal-like Nicole Richie.  It’s also been pointed out in more than one article that Hewitt dared to take that dip in the ocean without wearing makeup.  How’s that for a shocker?

Is it possible here that we have a Hollywood celeb that just wants to act like the rest of us while on vacation?  A public beach?  No gated private resort?  Actually eating pizza instead of tofu?  That would really be news.

News Source: Google News

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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