Censorship LiveJournal is functionally dead in China right now. The Chinese government tossed another 1.8 million blogs into the cyber- shadows by cutting off access to the service. According to Wired LiveJournal announced on Monday that they had joined the ranks of Technorati, WordPress.com and a host of other banned services. The GreatFirewallofChina.org, surprisingly unblocked and loaded with condemning comments, first spotted the block Friday. It is not the first time LiveJournal has gotten the cyber-axe and some folks think there may be a partial pardon coming: Xiao Qiang, a Chinese dissident and founder of China Digital Times (CDT is also flying in China’s no-see zone), the best comprehensive aggregator of China News on the planet, speculates that the timing of this shutdown suspiciously corresponds to the start of the National People’s Congress meeting in Beijing. The government wants to ensure the silence of blogger guns by not allowing them to even load. While Livejournal could be freed from virtual detention after the march meeting, Xiao states, “You never know when they are going to block it again.” I often see no rhyme or reason regarding blocks. I have seen pornography sites flourish while some pro-China blogs have gone dark after a single rebuttal of policy. To date here are a few of the services that have been blocked: http://blogger.com http://wordpress.com/ http://www.blogspot.com http://egoweblog.com http://www.blogspirit.com/ http://www.blogeasy.com/ http://www.blogzor.com/ http://www.mazeme.com/ http://www.yesblogger.com/ http://www.tblog.com/ http://joeuser.com/ http://typepad.com/ I cannot view many of the sites that link to me or have important information I feel I need to read. Some banned spaces can be accessed through services like Feedburner, Bloglines, Delicious , and through great humanitarian sites like Global Voices Online or via proxy servers, but others are impossibly hard to get to… The Great Firewall appears determined to outlast its historical namesake. ******* Members of any of the blog services mentioned above can show that they care about these issues by linking back to any of the banned blogs or any of the stories referenced.

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