ABC News is reporting a new cast member to ABC’s “The View,” some gal named Sherri Shepherd. But that ho hum isn’t the real news because buried at the tail of the piece is this little gem:

Meanwhile, preliminary Nielsen Media Research ratings found that 3.4 million people watched Goldberg’s debut on Tuesday. That’s one million shy of O’Donnell’s audience for her first show last September. O’Donnell’s stormy tenure on “The View” lasted less than a year.

Oopsie, Whoopi!

Not the draw they thought you were going to be, Whoopster?

Let’s keep an eye on this downward spiral.

And, one other thing to think about. Will black activists claim that Whoopi’s lower rating is because Whoopi is black? Of course, if you stop and think about it even further, only “moderates” and liberals watch this show in the first place, so aren’t they calling their own brethren on the left the racists?

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