News Item:
Game show to match migrants with citizens

The scariest thing about American television is that it really is a reflection of us, or a good percentage of us, at any rate.  How else to explain the ongoing proliferation of so called ‘Reality’ shows?  Someone, in fact a whole lot of someone’s, must be watching them, since advertisers plunk down millions a day for commercial air time, and those ad dollars don’t get spent lightly.  Tons of research goes into who watches, how many watch, and why.

The ‘Relationship’ shows are the ones that get to me the most.  We had The Batchelor, which begot The Bachelorette, which eventually escalated [de-escalated?] into Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire.  True love, romance, rose ceremonies, and where can I get the big bucks.  I guess it’s only natural then that in this day and age of immigration debates and border debacles, Who Wants To Marry A US Citizen would be a cinch to make it to the airwaves.

No joke here, it’s real, contestants for 6 episodes have already been signed up.
Doesn’t it make you wonder… just a bit?

News Source: Reuters

Cartoon from Sid in the City

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