One of the hottest Yuletide gifts this year?

The Wii. (Rhymes with key)

You know, I’m just a lowly clerical worker, but whoever came up with this product’s name should be stuffed into a cannon and shot into a brick wall. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

I don’t know who’s more dumb – the brain trust that thought up the name or the other brain trust that is standing in line waiting for this product to arrive in stores. But wait they do…if you click here, you will read all about this hotly-anticipated piece of stuff. It does look kind of cute, but I can’t get over the name. I don’t want Wii in my livingroom.

Then there’s the Play Station 3. I’ve never played 1 or 2, so it’s not like I’m missing out on anything. But apparently, some people wait for these like Larry the Cable Guy waits for the All You Can Eat Buffet to open. If you click here, you’ll be whisked away to a California Wal-Mart where fisticuffs and other mayhem prevailed so strongly that the cops had to shut ’em down until everyone took a deep cleansing breath.


I mean, I know I was not immune to the allure of toy commercials as a child. I wanted one of everything I saw on TV. Sometimes I got them, sometimes I didn’t. I remember my mom asking my aunt (who lived in a much bigger town than we did) to scour the toy stores and find the “hot items” for that year.

I also remember some of them not working. One year, my sister and I got a “Jaws” game. It was kind of a twisted variation on pick-up-sticks, where you had this plastic hook and had to fish things out of the shark’s mouth before it snapped your hook…then you lost. It never worked right, and we got bored with it so we used it for a Barbie doll bed instead. (We were kind of twisted.)

So COME ON folks! If the product is going to be obsolete in another few years, why fight over it? Furthermore, if you’re hoping that your product will be around for a while, why name it something stupid?

After all, YOU wouldn’t want to say, “Well, this Wii has been in our family for generations…”



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