If you go here you can make your voice heard on one of the saddest polls in American history…whether you think the Dixie Chicks are heroes, annoying, or musicians.
    The fact that such a poll is up is emblamatic of a major problem in American politics. We listen to people who are famous as actors or musicians or sports athletes or…well, many such things.
    Who can explain to me why I should listen to the thoughts of the Dixie Chicks on political matters rather than, say…a politics professor at a university?
      Albert Pujols can flat out mash. He is perhaps the best hitter in baseball today. That is great. I freely admit to being a Pujols fan. That doesn’t mean he is some sort of authority on gay rights or tax law or social security reform.
    It saddens me when people turn to people like Sharon Stone to learn how to raise their children. If you are not familiar with her spiel on condoms you are missing some good laughs. The sad thing is…some people, because she is Sharon Stone, took those comments as being from someone brilliant and to be listened to.
    When you make your voting decisions or other important life decisions based on the recommendation of someone who is considered an authority on the subject because they are famous, not because they studied for it then you deserve what you get.
   Fame does not equal intelligence and the sooner we as a country figure that out and stop having polls about entertainers as political entities the better off we all will be.

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