The decision of the Madras High Court in deferring the execution of the death sentence of the Rajiv Gandhi killers raises many interesting questions.

First of all the ground for consideration is the delay in the execution. The delay itself was due to the inefficiency or lack of political will of the Government of India. Now the benefit of this delay is being sought to be given to the killers.

It is therefore possible to argue that perhaps there is a great conspiracy involved in the whole affair. The plan appears to be that while the Government of India delays the execution for its own political reasons for years, advocates and human right activists will step in later to try and take advantage of the delay and ask for a mercy even after the initial delay was in fact due to the first mercy petition itself.

If Courts fail to see through this conspiracy then there is no one to look after the interest of the affected persons. It appears that we are giving more value to the plea from the daughter of a killer while the many children of all those non political bystanders who lost their lives appear to have been totally forgotten.

I wish all the relatives and children of those who died in the blast other than the political opportunists of the Rajiv Gandhi family should send their representations to the Supreme Court to execute not only the convicted persons but also inflict an exemplary punishment on those who were responsible for the delay in their execution.

I donot understand what does the Madras high court expect in reply from the Central Government as to the reasons for the delay other than that it took so much time to  make up their minds. Even then does it require 8 weeks time? Why cannot it be 48 hours over email or telegram or fax?

The Court has been used by the petitioners in this case to delay the executions and there is perhaps a need for an agitation to see that the convicts are executed at the earliest.

If the Courts donot show conviction at this point, soon Afzal Guru and Kasab will also claim clemency since they have already died many a mental deaths in custody.

Let justice work more for the honest people of India rather than the criminals. Let Human Right Activists understand that their interference only dilutes the value of human rights movement. At present Human Rights movement in India is more a criminal friendly movement that deserves to be condemned more often than appreciated.

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