Women over here in Germany sure the hell are. Or one of them in Hamburg was. “Acting in a state of mental confusion” and high precision, a Chinese woman went on trial in Hamburg yesterday for ramming a 35 centimeter drill into the ear of her sleeping ex-husband.

And then it gets weird. She denies she was attempting to kill the guy, who unfortunately didn’t die, because she still loves him. Damn. That must be that “hard love” everybody is talking about these days. I mean, I can understand ramming a drill into your husband’s ear because you still love him, but ramming one into your ex-husband’s ear for the same reason? That just doesn’t seem right.

And even though it seems as if her ex-husband had come to her home to make sexual demands because he wanted her to bear him a son, the real crime for me is how the dumb ass could have been stupid enough to allow himself to later fall asleep there. Falling asleep at your ex-wife’s house can never be a good idea, even in a house devoid of power tools.

But we should not judge this woman too harshly. After all, it turns out that she had been suffering from depression months before the attack and had been under the influence of tranquillizers at the time. So just imagine what she would have done to the sap without those.

No one can say for sure if the ex-husband is now the one suffering from depression. Every time somebody asks him he just says “What?” or “Huh?”

You really bohr me, honey.

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