It is at first a really silly question. The Earth owns the Moon by way of gravity. Without gravity and its wonderful relation to the moon we would not exist.

Of course this does not stop enterprising companies from making claims on the Lunar landscape. For several years I taught a class about the internet. One of the aspects I talked about was scams. I loved to have real life examples, but they were hard to keep up with, a web site would have a short shelf life. Once the complaints started to roll in the company ‘hosting’ the site would shut the site down, and the rogues would set up shop somewhere else.

There was one site though that I loved to use, it was not a scam, just a gloriously fun idea, selling real estate on the moon! The site has changed over the past few years, but it is alive and well

Also still going strong is Lunar Land who apparently have sold 300 million acres of Moon property since 1980!  They point out the very important news that they are “Earths Oldest. Most Recognized Celestial Real Estate Company“.

First and ONLY company to possess a legal basis and copyright for the sale of celestial properties.

Beware of Lunar companies with no claim.

The great thing about this whole thing was that no-one with an ounce of brains took it as anything but a fun place. For under $20 you have the perfect Christmas present! Who wouldn’t be excited to find a Land Deed under the tree?

Your personalized documents package includes an engraved parchment deed, satellite photograph of your lunar property, an information sheet detailing the unique geographic features in the region, and much more!

There is a more serious aspect to the Moon, who can lay claim to it? Or at least suggest rules of engagement? NASA has entered the fray. They have suggested some ideas.

Various countries and even private companies are eying the moon as a goal.

So what is the way forward?

Simon Barrett

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