Elementary, Watson. The fur farm activists did it.

Residents near the small town of Grabow in Saxony-Anhalt have been warned to stay indoors and hid their expensive mink furs after some 7,500 hungry and dangerous mink escaped from a high-security fur farm camp near here yesterday (“You’ll never take me alive, warden!”).

Dozens of specially-trained mink mercenaries and some 20 soldiers from the German Army have armed themselves with hooks and nets and are mercilessly hunting down the vanished varmints as we speak, so-to-speak. Well it’s better than being in Afghanistan, I guess.

Not unlike another group of prisoners trapped in another camp near here a few years back, only this time with a little more help from the outside, these marauding minks tell us a noble story about persistence and heroism and determination and baseball and pointy little teeth and hurt feelings and maybe even a little flying fur, too.

Despite their imminent recapture, I mean. Damned nice try anyway though, chaps. Better luck next time.

I did it fur you, baby.

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