My apologies for stealing the title from the late Sandy Denny and her fabulous song Who Knows Where The Time Goes, but it seemed fitting.

Who does know where the wind goes? Every TV station in the country has a Weatherman, likeliest the most unpopular star of the station. Most are about as exciting as a three day old donut. They talk about High Pressure, Low Pressure, the Jet Stream, and make a guess as to if it is going to rain today. I am sure that the rain prediction is based on a coin toss prior to going on air!

Advances in the data collection techniques also allow the Weatherman to give us up to the minute reports about temperatures across the local area and the wind speed and direction. Wind is a very interesting subject. I used to be involved in the world of sailing, the wind was very much a key element.  My interest in the wind was merely local wind, wind thousands of miles away was of no consequence.

I found a great site for wind. Rumor has it that it is a couple of Google employees that are behind it. But I don’t know. What I do know is that the data is mesmerizing. Wind at a glance. You can see the wind across the entire country.


Or you can zoom in to a specific region.


What is clear from these two pictures is that Denver is close to the epicenter of a huge wind black hole! I do hope that SETI are monitoring this.

Of course these snapshots do not do this web site justice, It is animated, and very close to real time. You can check it out here.

Potentially this site will beat Windows Solitaire and Angry Birds as being the most unproductive work tasks in the history of man. It is pure fun. It requires no skill to play, and at zero cost, it is a must have link on your computer!

Simon Barrett


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