It is strange that Nalini who was the Indian conspirator responsible for the killing of Rajiv Gandhi is getting a privileged attention. 

It was surprising when Priyanka paid a visit recently to this (dis) honourable lady at the prison. Now , predictaly, it is reported that an application has been made to the High Court for an early release of Nalini. Obviously one of the arguments is that Priyanka has forgiven Nalini and hence Court has to endorese this clemency.

This indicates that even the Priyanka visit was undertaken to provide for such a request being made to the Court.

The request is agianst the national feeling that the Killers of our Prime Minsiter should be shown no mercy. It would be a dishonour for the country  and to those who sacrificed their lives in defence of Rajiv to let Priyanka influence the High Court and seek the release of Nalini.

The Congress party appears to be sacrificing the honour of Rajiv Gandhi for pleasing its political associates who are sympathetic to the Rajiv Killers.

Let’s hope that the Judiciary will uphold the dignity of the nation with an appropriate decision on the request.

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