Karnataka Police are facing an interesting dilemma. They have been confronted with a situation where they have to decide,  If somebody influences another to commit a crime, who is more guilty?

We are not talking of “Conspiracy in one crime” and a “Leader of Conspiracy” . We are talking of a situation where one person/entity is  corrupting the whole society and hundreds or thousands of young children are being mislead.

Now one of the young persons who got influenced by the crime leader commits a crime and is brought to the Police Station. The Police ofcourse have the right to get him punished. But they conveniently chose to ignore the presence of the crime leader.

The guilt is more since the Police had been notified more than a month back by the undersigned about the presence of the Crime Leader and they chose to remain unconcerned.

The above narration may appear similar to the case of the bomb explosions in Bangalore but it relates to another kind of bomb.. the bomb of one of the biggest Cyber Crimes that India has seen ticking in the form of the infamous website savithabhabhi.com.

This website is in the mould of sites such as daliststan.org and hinduism.org which were being run by anti India groups hosting seccessionist information.

What savithabhabhi owners are doing is to destroy the society to make money. What is deplorable is that these persons are targetting  young Indian children unmindful of the harm this can do to the future society of India.

These crimes are being compounded because the Police refused to act on the crime being brought to their notice by the undershigned. Even the CERT refused to act when they were requested to take action to block the offending site.

This inaction has now resulted in one reported victim in Bangalore where a boy has been influenced by the site and sent an obscene message to one of his teachers only to be arrested under Section 67 of ITA 2000. (See more details at http://www.naavi.org/cl_editorial_08/savita_bhabhi_mail_july31.htm )

However even now there is no indication of Police having taken any action against the offending website.

Public should demand both Police and CERT if they can be relied upon to take action now before further damage is done.


July 31, 2008

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