The Oklahoma city Bombing was the worst terrorist incident in the US before 9-11, so it has naturally spawned all sorts of conspiracy theories.

But even those in Oklahoma wondered about John Doe number , a man that 24 different witnesses claim to have seen with McVeigh, and about the white Supremicist commune in Elohim City that had some connections with McVeigh….and according to rumor were receiving money for spying on other white surpemist groups.

Lots of the stuff on the internet conspiracy sites, but even normal people sometimes wondered if all the evidence had been uncovered. This is why two different juries sentenced co conspirator Terry Nichols to life in prison–including the Oklahoma jury, in a pro death penalty state, refrained from sentencing him to death– because there were so many unanswered questions.

Now the BBC reports:

The FBI man in charge of collecting evidence from the government building destroyed by the Oklahoma bomb has called for the case to be reopened.

Former deputy assistant director Danny Coulson has told the BBC programme The Conspiracy Files that he questions whether everyone involved was caught.

The BBC story, I should note, is part of their TV series on Conspiracies.

However, here in the Philippines it was noted that Nichols had a Philippine wife, and had visited Makati (Manila) at the time when an AlQaeda bomb making Pakistani was in Makati. The Philippine police claim that they met, fueling suspicion that Nichols was taught how to assemble the large complicated bomb during the visit.

Oh well. Can’t rely on Philippine police. The only reason they caught the bombmaker is that his flat had a fire, and someone noticed the bombmaking materials. And of course, the Phiippine police interrogated the guy who was caught and found all sorts of plans to bomb a lot of airplanes at the same time, kill President Ramos, and assasinate the Pope…..if you are into these things, check HERE…I mean, who takes such things seriously?

Except, of course, that some of the plots do end up being done, and sometimes even kill people.

But in the meanwhile, I wonder how many are aware that a Congressional report last December ” chastised the FBI for how it handled the investigation of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing on April 19, 1995.”?

The report notes:

“”A close look at the findings of this subcommittee suggests that it is reasonable to question if all leads were thoroughly pursued, all evidence gathered and properly analyzed. While the desire of most of the victims’ families for swift justice is understandable, with the benefit of hindsight, the McVeigh execution should have been further delayed until there was greater consensus on the subject of John Doe Two….”

The report also notes that a “foreign connection” was unlikely but needed to be investigated further. However, most of the questions were about the connection with Middle Eastern terrorist, and I have seen little outside of the Philippine press that point to a possible connection with Alqaeda here in the Philippines.

Alas, with McVeigh dead and Nichols changing his story constantly, there is a question if the full story will ever be known.

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Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the Philippines with her husband. Her webpage is Finest Kind Clinic and Fishmarket.

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