By Layla Gonzalez on February 20th, 2007

Traditionally The Big Story hosted by John Gibson has always included in its forte’ a hefty dose of politics, judicial rulings, and news surrounding the war on terror.

In an effort to please the public and “appease” the ultimate compromise of “ratings” – instead we are being graced with a hefty dose of Britney Spears and the deceased Anna Nicole Smith. The latter has occupied the news since the moment of her demise.

Do not misunderstand me; Smith’s demise is no less than tragic. However, by now it is getting as old as the coroner said of Smith’s body when he called into the courtroom today asking the judge to expedite the proceedings because Smith’s body was decomposing quicker than anticipated.

Now to Spears – she shaved her head, “skin heads” do it all the time-”Chenade O’Connor” still has her hair shaved off-so. And to top that off she went back into rehab. Okay – hopefully she will get some help for her own sake and that of her children; otherwise she is another Smith waiting to happen.

To be honest I suspect this was all a publicity ruse by Spears because she just could not stand the fact that Smith was receiving more attention than she was. The typically pathetic Hollywood ploy “cry wolf” and everyone will come running. And they do.

Since the death of Smith and the news of Spears shaving her head, not to mention that Spears has checked herself into rehab twice within two weeks – this is dominating the news from Fox to CNN. It is pathetically disgusting because-who cares!

And now the scoop is that Spears shaved her head because her hair would retain any drugs she may have done in the past-and she is in a custody battle for her children, but then again I say, not my business – who cares!

Does anyone really care about all this sidebar? Let’s get back to real news and real reporting. Our news outlets have turned into the National Enquirer.

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