Have you ever analyzed who’s looking out for you? If you conduct a thorough assessment, you’ll be surprised by the results.

Newly elected Democratic or Republican Presidents of the United States keep few if any of their campaign promises. Their first priority is to be re-elected. Additionally, they wish to fulfill their own agenda. It doesn’t matter whether this ego satisfying agenda is best for the country. To be re-elected, they must to take positions that are popular with the public, irrespective of whether it is best for the nation. They have to satisfy the various factors of their own political party and, if their party doesn’t control both houses of Congress, compromise with the opposing party to pass the legislation on their agenda. It should be obvious that the President isn’t looking out for you.

The primary priority of members of Congress is to remain in office. This requires continuously raising large sums of money for campaigning. The monetary obligations engendered running for re-election allows special interests to receive the representation rightfully owed you. Congressional politicians of both political parties, who get earmarks for their states and/or districts for re-election purposes, aren’t looking out for you. Pork is the wasteful use of tax payer dollars.

Your personal Senator and Representative aren’t looking out for you unless you’re a large campaign contributor, a big wig in the local political party or an influential member of the media in their state or district.

The raison d’etre of each political party is to get its candidates elected. Its ultimate goal is to be the majority party in Congress and have the President a member of their party as well. The party is not looking out for you, though it does reward a few of the party hacks by nominating them as delegates to political conventions.

The media isn’t looking out for you as they pander to a particular political persuasion to keep or increase their audience. Their vitriolic bias is harmful to this nation because it perpetuates the polarization of politicians and the public, thereby practically eliminating problem solving compromises.

Even in some religious houses of worship there is a great deal of preaching to the choir that encourages divisiveness. They aren’t looking after you when they use this procedure to keep or increase their congregations. Polarized devotees, fighting amongst themselves, overlook the malfeasance of their members of Congress and blame the legislators of the opposing political party. This is one of the reasons that these inept, selfish rascals are re-elected year after year.

It is unrealistic to believe that anyone is looking out for you. Enacting term limits should be the goal of Americans because it eliminates the possibility of making public office a career. Only then, can we expect to have true public servants representing their constituents rather than the current self serving, career politicians.

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Art Woodrow



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