Larry Sinclair strikes again!

The Main Stream Media seem to have taken the approach that the name Larry Sinclair does not exist. There has been almost no mention of the press conference held yesterday where Larry pulled out his somewhat doubtful but none the less humorous tale of driving around in the back of a limo, while he and Barak Obama engaged in some less than heterosexual activities, and did a couple of lines of Cocaine. Oh, and the cocaine was obtained by Obama. This entire story has the credibility of some of the claims made by late night infomercials!

Larry’s press conference yesterday ended somewhat ignominiously, with him being cuffed and led away by the Feds. His lawyer, resplendent in Kilt (he told the audience it was to do with his anatomical design, trousers were too constricting) was unable to assist, as his law license is currently suspended.

The interesting aspect in this circus was the involvement of, they used to be a porn site, but I guess they have discovered that there is more money in politics that naked flesh. were the folks that persuaded Larry Sinclair to take a polygraph test, a test that he apparently failed. Yesterday had booked time right after Larry’s press conference, for one of their own.

During the press conference, will release the results of the polygraph examinations, the reports of the experts, and a video of Mr. Sinclair taken while the examinations were being administered.

This was the lead article on their site for several days. But this morning there was no sign of it. The good news is that is about as popular as a dose of herpes, and not refreshed by the search engines very often, so Google still had the original version of the page cached.

Screen grabs available here and here.

I wonder what went wrong? Cold feet?

I was not there, but a press friend had this to say about

Whitehouse handed out talking points but from the one account I have….Parisi’s equipment broke and then he walked out without answering any questions….which wasn’t noticeable, since almost no one showed up….

So, is the real thing, or are they just as sleazy as the previous porn owners? It seems to me that while they may not have had huge credibility before, they now have zero! If you advertise a story, you should go through with it. In the print world, you have to live by what you print. In the internet world, you can always delete it. But didn’t take into account the fact that the traces are left. There is always a copy if you look hard enough. A quick ‘reality scan’ of’ reveals that they do not have a huge amount of credibility. The Alexa rating puts them somewhere between the storm drain and the sewer, and Technorati barely registers their existence.

Simon Barrett

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