Counter March to Al Sharpton Planned
The Nationalist Movement will march at Jena to protest both the Jena Six and Martin Luther King. The planned march has already sparked reaction and is sure to spark even more as news of it spreads.

Al Sharpton plans to lead another march the same day to draw attention to hate crimes. No word yet to the Sharpton reaction to the counter-march.

It will be another case of “free speech” and the right to march vs. the message the Nationalist Movement promotes. Both sides are lining up for the battle. More on the march and black reaction from BET:
The Nationalist Movement says it will bring its “tools for empowerment to Louisiana to defeat the demands of Al Sharpton.”

This public event, called “No to Jena 6, No to King,” will feature a two-mile parade, speeches, ceremonies and petitions “as a centerpiece to abolish King Day,” said the release.

[BET] users were up in arms over the group’s plans to march in the same town where tens of thousands of people came out to support the “Jena Six” in September.

But users were divided over whether the group has the right to march.

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Nationalist Movement Plans to March at Jena 


Nationalist Movement Plans to March at Jena BET

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