P.S. Burton Blogging from Phoenix—Tareq and Michaele Salahi the socialites trashed by every blogger, talking head, media pundit and political wonk on both the left and right showed up at the White House dressed to the nines clearly under the impression, if they couldn’t get seated for dinner, they were at least welcome for cocktails and receiving line photo’s. In allowing the couple’s reputation to be smeared, Obama White House staffers brought to mind the distasteful white trash behavior that often occurred when Bill Clinton was President, cover your ass even at the cost of folks who had supported Bill Clinton for years.

The nature, content and informality displayed in e-mails between a senior Obama administration official and Tareq Salahi which you can view here, clearly establish that prior to the State dinner, Tareq Salahi enjoyed the profile of a B if not A list democratic party fat cat, despite post party revelations he seems to have frittered away his wealth and is a few court orders ahead of eviction. While they may not be on the President’s Black Berry IM list, when Tareq and Michaele stepped in line to shake the President’s hand, I doubt Mr. Obama needed the protocol aide to whisper their names for greeting, he knew who they were, has met them several times before, conversed with and taken checks from them while having photo’s snapped.

In politics, republican and democratic circles alike, wealthy folks who donate large, get photo’s with the President and invites to State dinners, the really wealthy folks, the ones with little to do but who want to seem important, they contribute millions of dollars and get appointed to non important ambassadorships. The Salahis according to court complaints filed by people, who have been stiffed in the last few years, seem to have fallen on hard times financially.

The charity Polo events he stages may be desperate and perhaps shady attempts to regain frittered away wealth, Becoming reality star’s on Bravo would have been a ticket back to better days and the A list, so they pulled every string they still had and called in favors, the kind thousands of dollars in past donations would have cultivated.

It almost worked too, but for that “reporter” who not once but twice during the evening made a point to alert White House staff to the presence of the Salahis, despite their names not appearing on the official guest list. A tidbit which is in itself puzzling, this “journalist” would have known on occasion, couples and individuals not on the official guest list distributed to the media score a last minute invite when another VIP calls and cancels.

Perhaps the reporter’s boy or girl friend is an employee of the production company that was following the Salahis around town and she got a heads up and saw an opportunity to weave a nasty scandal around the entire event, what is becoming all too evident in circumstances big and small, Mr. Obama’s administration seems to have its fair share of the kind of political hacks who served George Bush and Bill Clinton. Thats just my view, yours may be different.

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