As the election nears the White House has turned the tables on Democrats. During the 2004 Presidential Campaign President Bush began to paint his opponent and the Democratic party’s Iraq policy as “cut and run” while declaring that the only way to win Iraq was to “stay the course.” The president could be heard uttering this phrase up until as recently as September, but in an interview last week, President Bush told George Stephanopoulos that “We’ve never been stay the course.”

Apparently many in the media and elsewhere were not privy to what “stay the course” really meant. In what now seems like a game of semantics the Administration is trying to redefine what the president really meant.

“What you have is not ‘stay the course’ but in fact a study in constant motion by the administration,” Snow said yesterday.

Just about a month ago that kind of attitude might have been considered “cut and run.”

Following the change in rhetoric, U.S. and Iraqi officials announced a timeline for handing over full control of security to Iraqi forces. With two weeks to go until the election, the sudden change leaves us to question whether the White House has redefined its Iraq position and set the new timeline only in an attempt to garner some of the swing vote while not shifting enough to alienate the Republican base?

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