The North Pole is a prominent feature in pop culture, myths, and even religion. We are all familiar with the North Pole, and we’ve all heard of it perhaps many times. But often we find ourselves lacking the facts or information that helps us appreciate what-and where-the North Pole really is. Whether you are a science aficionado, a world traveler, or simply a curious mind, you’ll find that the North Pole has a lot to offer- from everything like scenery to history.

Perhaps we are accustomed to hearing about Antarctica, the North and South Pole, and the Arctic-and maybe we have a hard time keeping them all straight. Amidst all of these exists a point on earth that is frigid, breathtaking, and extreme in every way. Appropriately named, the North Pole is the northernmost point on earth, where all directions from that point onward go south. It is interesting to note, however, that there is more than one North Pole-and only one of them claims the true title.

North Magnetic Pole

The North Magnetic Pole is where planet Earth’s magnetic fields point vertically downwards. It moves over time and though it is close in proximity to the North Pole, it is distinctively and entirely different. On even a daily basis the North Magnetic Pole can change its location. By contrast, the Geographic North Pole is a fixed terrestrial point and maintains its stationary position, acting as a geographic location. This North Pole is the true geographic location between the two.

Map of the North Pole

The North Pole is connected by the Earth’s axis to the South Pole and is located in the Arctic Ocean. The North Pole is usually covered by sea ice but has at times been exposed by open waters. Because of its location, the North Pole spends half of the year in darkness and the other six months with light. It also has seasons, just like any other place on Earth. Its warmest point during the summer is freezing, at thirty two degrees Fahrenheit, while it can reach thirty below Fahrenheit or greater in the winter. On occasion, polar bears have been sighted near the North Pole as well as ringed seals, a variety of birds, arctic foxes, and the occasional sea life. Currently the North Pole does not belong to one particular country; rather, each country is limited to a specific zone around their coasts.

Though we may not hear about it as much as the news that makes headlines, the North Pole is currently the cause of international controversy. This is because thirty percent of the world’s untapped oil reserves are located in the Arctic Circle. This amount could be even higher, as a great amount remains to be unexplored. Though a permanent solution does not currently exist, multiple countries continue to work for their rights regarding it.

The true North Pole

The North Pole is certainly isolated, with the nearest land to the North Pole considered to be Kaffeklubben Island, off the coast of Greenland. The nearest permanently inhabited place is Alert, Nunavut, Canada, located a little over five hundred miles away from the North Pole.

Even many of the most seasoned travelers haven’t had the opportunity to visit the North Pole, making it a desirable and unique travel destination. The North Pole is unexplored and waiting, harboring some of the most breathtaking and unbelievable glances into what the northernmost point of our planet looks like.

Our Expeditions

The animal life is rare yet exciting to behold, as the North Pole is one of the few places you can find animals like polar bears or arctic foxes happy in their natural habitat. And a spectacular show for any traveler? Watching the northern lights sparkle and dance against the arctic skies with their bands of green, blue, and red.

If you are a traveler from Oregon who is enticed by the mystery and beauty the North Pole has to offer, be happy to know that North Pole trips are a true possibility! A trip to the North Pole offers scenery, exploration, and an unforgettable time. North Pole trips allow you an up close and personal look into the arctic world-you get a chance to explore the flora and fauna, view the landscape from a helicopter as you enjoy a bird’s eye view or take in the horizon as you walk along the ice.


A knowledgeable crew can helpfully offer you information while you enjoy intimate company amongst a group of likeminded travelers. It isn’t everyone who is attracted to the North Pole, but those who truly desire the adventure are invaluable company to fellow travelers. With a trip to the North Pole you will come away with an experience that leaves memories that last a lifetime. From the glorious night skies to the captivating and charming cold, the North Pole is a true winner for those who seek an adventure. But perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to say that you truly have been to the top of the world.

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