The second most important issue facing Americans is Health Care. It falls slightly behind an immoral war based on lies and neither issue will resolve itself. As a concerned and wide awake American, I want to know more and I want to know how I can help to make it better. 

It really, REALLY bugs me that I am not able to see the film Sicko. I understand that it is now being shown in over 700 theaters nation-wide but no theater in the Baton Rouge, LA area has it. It is being talked about and blogged about and sadly Baton Rougeans are not privy to the facts. We can not intelligently debate the movie from either side due to the fact that we haven’t had the opportunity to see it. Of course Baton Rouge is not the only city in America that refuses to show this movie. There are thousands more. That must be one powerful movie! It must be capable of swaying public opinion to the breaking point. Somebody with a lot to lose must really be afraid for too many people to see it.  I hope all of my neighbors here in Red Stick will make it a point to rent this one when it comes out on DVD. There must be a reason why they don’t want us to see it folks. And yes I have called the Regal Cinema Corporate office to request it and I have emailed them numerous times. Still, no Sicko in Baton Rouge. Regardless of what you think about Michael Moore   you might ought to be suspicious of something that the big insurance companies are worried about. I know it is hard to discern the truth in this day and age with the media of television, radio and the Internet coming at us 24/7. So I accept the fact that anyone and everyone could be lying to me. Then I decide which will do me more harm if it is the truth. If the message that the big insurance companies are more interested in profit than my health is true, I have a lot at stake. And if the hospitals and doctors get oh say 80% of their income from the big insurance companies, then if and when I’m rolled into the ER should I relax and know that I am safe and will be well cared for or should I worry? If this memo is only half true, either half, should I maybe find out more?

Wolf Blitzer interviewed Michael Moore on The Situation Room last week. Blitzer and Dr. Sanjay Gupta challenged Moore on his facts in Sicko. Then when Moore pointed out that the facts in his movie Fahrenheit 9/11 are indeed facts, in spite of Blitzer debunking them as lies in 2004, Blitzer seemed to be flustered. Moore demained an apology which he never got. The interview got rather heated. The following night Moore continued battling for the truth on Larry King’s show. This movie is the focus of a national debate yet we don’t have it playing here in Baton Rouge. We do have 22 screens of cartoons though, in case you’re interested.
 I bet I’m not the only one with an interest in the Health Care issue … here is more dialogue. And with Internet access and a little time, it is fairly easy to check the facts. Shame on you CNN! Dr. Gupta and others keep telling me that the wait to see a doctor in Canada is very long. I’ve asked several Canadians by the way, and they all said the wait is not that bad. In fact, my Canadian counter-parts who visit the Emergency Room report waits of no more than an hour.  I would love to hear anyone’s story of a trip to the Emergency Room in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where you received medical attention that took less than an hour. (Maybe I just have lousy luck.) And when sick, Canadians are usually able to see a doctor that day or the next. Most Canadians when asked will admit that even though their system is not perfect, they would NOT trade it for our system. They would never come here for the health care! 

I did happen to see President Bush talk about the issue of health care while in Ohio this past week. But before he blames me for my medical expenses, I have never smoked, I eat a low-fat-vegetarian diet, and I am not nor have I ever been excessively overweight. I have always been conscientious about my health, eating right and getting exercise.

I like the idea of people making decisions that are — that will, one, enhance their health, and two, save money. The doc told me that — we were looking at one of these brilliant heart guys working for him. You’re not going to believe the technology in this hospital, by the way. If you’re a Cleveland resident, you ought to be proud of this hospital. It’s unbelievable. (Applause.)
He said something pretty wise, though. He said, you can have all the technology that man can conceivably create, but if you continue to smoke, we’re going backwards. If you’re not exercising, if you’re not taking care of the body yourself, all the technology isn’t going to save your life. In other words, there is a certain responsibility that we have as citizens to take care of ourselves. And a health savings account actually provides a financial incentive for you to do that.”  George W. Bush
Sure, in a perfect world no one would get sick but I am certain that no matter how a person lives his/her life you CAN get terribly sick and need medical care. I just hope everyone has lots and lots of money to save in their personal “health savings account” because it sounds to me like you are on your own.

Michael Moore’s letter to CNN (Open Letter to CNN  ) says it all. SHAME ON CNN. Where is the free press the First Amendment guarantees? As an American, I welcome opposing views on any particular topic. I think if Dr. Gupta has concerns about American Health Care and how to fix it we would love to hear those concerns. Lies are never welcome. We want a media we can trust will never report lies. A debate of the issues, yes. Distorted truth, propaganda, lies, NEVER. I will not trust anything Dr. Gupta has to say from now on and if and when I turn on CNN, I will check their facts for myself.

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